Blocksi Router - Secure WiFi

Create home WiFi network with Parental Control and Web Filtering protection. Protect you familiy from inappropriate web content.

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Blocksi is the simplest way to protect your home LAN and Wi-Fi network from inappropriate web content.
Set up Blocksi Router at your home and deploy parental controls. Blocksi Router will take care of all basic settings for you.

Web Filtering Apps

Parental Control and Web Filtering with 79 web categories. Blocksi Router provides a YouTube categories filter, a Black/White list and a Content filter.

Cloud Management

Access and Manage Blocksi router with simple and user friendly web management console.

Protect Any Device

Blocksi Router protects desktop computers, laptops, tablets or. smartphones.

Easy Setup

Connect Blocksi Router to your network. Register your router on website and enjoy the benefits of blocksi protection.